Long days, freezing nights

Published on by Wim Van Belle

Today is February the 2nd, 11 pm and It’s minus 15° in my tent. We have been here for three days now, but time is passing quickly. There are some 50 persons living in the basecamp, making it kind of overcrowded. In order for the kitchen crew to cope with this amount of people, lunch and dinner takes place in shifts. We certainly can’t complain about what they’re dishing us up, taking into consideration the limited resources.

Besides the technical crews like us, the camp is mainly inhabited by scientists doing research on climatic change, life on Antarctica on land and in the water, etc. Going for a walk with these people, who can name every animal and every rock, is a real educational treat…

My tent                                                                              Art project                              

We also witnessed the first flight on Antarctica with an Ultralight aircraft. As part of an art project, six big tarpaulins with pictures of the six continents were spread out over the seventh continent and photographed from the air.

We're working at least 12 hours a day to guarantee the success of the project and there’s a lot of solidarity amongst the team members. We live in a kind of micro cosmos where every individual has a well-defined reason of being. Despite all the work that still has to be done, it’s impressive to see what has been achieved to date.

At the moment we’re starting up the 8 PLC panels with 1500 inputs / outputs by realizing the connections and communicational aspects. We’re doing everything by ourselves: wiring, connecting, testing, measuring, etc.

The wiring of the station is almost finished. We will quickly try to finish it with a competent team, in order to be able to proceed with the testing of the technical installations (diesel units, water treatment, solar heating system, HVAC, power management, etc.), the job we originally came for. Mid-February, the building will be inaugurated, we hope we will have advanced considerably by then.

Jean                                                          Wim


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Jo Van Daele 02/15/2009 23:10

Hallo Wim & Jean,

hopelijk is vandaag alles verlopen zoals voorzien en heb je ook kunnen genieten van een glaasje



Peter 02/15/2009 13:19

Hallo Wim en Jean,

Vandaag 15/02 is een belangrijke dag voor de basis. Ik hoop dat jullie taken succesvol hebben kunnen verder zetten zonder al te veel problemen. Hopelijk krijgen wij via de journaals wat beelden van de offciële inhuldiging met een beetje geluk krijgen we mlisschien jullie ook wel te zien.
Nog veel succes verder, en kom veilig terug met heel fijne herinneringen en straffe verhalen.

Nathalie 02/12/2009 09:16

12 Fevrier.-15° pas très chaud.Enfin ..avec un bon equipement je suppose que c'est jouable.Même si le blog ne suit pas vite... on vous suit de près.Bon courage pour la suite et à bientôt.


Maïka 02/11/2009 11:50

Hey Wim,

het ziet er daar fenomenaal uit! Ben echt benieuwd om al je foto's later te bekijken. Geniet maar van dit avontuur, ziet dat dat daar allemaal goed draait en we volgen hier op de voet hé!

Maïka en Jeroen (en Lore)